Our Approach

Life happens. Our wellness approach is best illustrated by Duke Integrative Medicine’s Wheel of Health displayed here. Areas of improving overall well-being may include reducing stress factors caused from work, injury, change of job, finances, travel, family matters, long-term illness, divorce, grief, etc. With integrative health and wellness coaching you can discover how various aspects of your life are connected. If one spoke in the wheel is broken, the wheel may not spin optimally for you.

Change Starts with You

Do you want a thought-provoking coach to help you discover and move toward becoming your best self?
Quest Wellness Coaching sessions are authentic, confidential, and scheduled around your lifestyle.

Brainstorm Quest

Get effective coaching on a specific topic with a 20-minute brainstorm session.

Discovery Quest

Includes a Personal Health Inventory assessment, a guided wellness VisionQuest and two coaching sessions.

Private Wellness Coaching

Includes a Personal Health Inventory assessment, a guided wellness VisionQuest, and up to six coaching sessions over a timeframe of 6 weeks to 12 weeks.

Quest Concierge VIP Coaching

Ideal for businesses, couples, and families – wellness coaching services as needed, year-round.

Executive Coaching & Consulting

Perfect for entrepreneurs, executives and decision makers who want to put their wellness in motion to reduce stress and improve their business or lifestyle.

Healthy Lifestyle & Travel Quest

Laser-focused coaching and consulting offer results you can take with you.

Group Coaching

An economical way to be coached while having additional comradery and accountability. Ideal for groups of three to eight people.

Physician-Referred Coaching

Health saving plans and flexible spending accounts are accepted when eligible by your benefit provider.

Corporate Wellness Services

Employee Wellness Coaching with Duke IM trained and board-certified coaches

  • Executive Coaching
  • Interactive Healthy Living Events
  • Private Employee Need-Specific Session
  • Office Environment Assessment & Design Consulting
  • Innovative Water Technology Demonstrations and Webinars
Couples Coaching

You are better together. Now more than ever, couples are elevating their wellness as a team. Coaching works in partnership and accountability with your coach and the support of your partner even if your wellness focuses are different.  

Coaching services start at $75 for the Brainstorm Quest.

Coaching packages and proposals are customized to suit you or your company’s needs and budget.

A non-profit rate is available.

Benefits of Quest Wellness Coaching

Support, accountability and connectivity.

Yes! Somebody other than your mama, spouse or co-worker can offer an honest, fresh perspective.

You’re in the cockpit.

Nobody knows your life and your body like you do. The coaching/client relationship is client-driven.

No judging.

A coach does not need to know about your past to help you move forward.

Neuroscience-based behavior. You determine the change, design and experience.

As you engage in new activities that work, you train your brain to create new neural networks that get stronger as the actions are repeated. Positive habits replace the old ones, creating lasting, impactful lifestyle changes.

It’s Personal. We meet via phone, video or in-person.

You will not be bombarded with texts, chats and emails.

Experienced Coaches

Quest Group owner Cindy Hodo is a National Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach and a Duke Integrative Medicine Certified Professional Integrative Health Coach. She received specialized, intensive coaching training at Duke Integrative Medicine in Durham, North Carolina.

Hodo has over eight years’ experience as a consultant in the holistic wellness and beauty industry, plus 25 years as an entrepreneur including the roles as business development and creative partner at Quest Group since the company began as an advertising agency in 1995. 

Our experienced team of Duke Integrative Medicine Trained Coaches, National Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coaches and licensed professionals are engaged as needed to work with individuals, employee benefit programs and corporate wellness coaching clients.

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